Benefits to you

How can you benefit utilising ISC Services inflow and infiltration control solutions?

  1. Save Money with Reduced Operating Costs
  2. Regain Network Capacity & delay capital upgrades
  3. Reduce Sewer overflows and associated impacts

Inflow and infiltration (I&I) of rainwater and groundwater into sewerage networks costs water authorities and rate payers in unnecessary transport and treatment costs, excessive degradation and wear of sewer assets and avoidable environmental impacts.

Sewer flows commonly increase 3 and 4 times average dry weather flows, are impacted even during small rain events and have even been reported as exceeding 10 times ADWF.

This creates a massive burden on the sewerage infrastructure, treatment plants and the people responsible for managing, operating and maintaining the network.

I&I steals network capacity, results in excessive pump operations and associated power consumption (and greenhouse gas burden), infiltration points will often allow soil, sand and silt to enter the network further reducing capacity and requiring costly desilting, accelerated asset degradation occurs through erosion while soil movement can allow structures to move resulting in cracking of structures, ground settling and subsidence and damage to roads and pavement.

What are the Benefits of addressing inflow and infiltration with ISC Services control solutions?

  • Established and proven solutions to inflow and infiltration
  • Best return on investment to reduce I&I
  • Solutions specifically developed and designed for purpose
  • Reduced environmental impacts – reactive cleanup and reporting
  • Extended life of assets
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced wear on pump stations
  • Reduced power consumption / greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced failures and leaks in new constructions
  • Improved public perception and confidence
  • Delayed capital expenditure
  • Reduced surface damage / road repairs

Inflow and infiltration should be controlled using both prevention through best practice design and construction techniques as well as rehabilitation of existing structures with the range of infiltration control solutions available from ISC Services.


You can prevent the development of I&I in new structures with positive external seals of frame and riser rings provided by Infi-Shield Uni-Band® and precast joints with Gator Wrap. While MH inserts will stop inflow through the lid.

  • Infi-Shield UniBand – Specify Infi-Shield Uni-Band for all new constructions. A one piece moulded high quality seal with non hardening butyl mastic to provide a flexible water tight seal around the top sections and riser rings of sewer manholes.
  • Gator Wrap – Specify Infi-Shield Gator Wrap on all new precast joints. An EPDM rubber wrap with Butyl mastic adhesive (500% elongation) that easily wraps around the outside of sewer manholes, pipe joints, culverts and catch basins to provide a water tight seal & root barrier.
  • Manhole Inserts – a strong & durable HDPE Marlex insert that sits below the MH lid and stops inflow through the lid.


Existing structures can be rehabilitated using Flex Seal Utility Sealant® & Aqua Seal.

  • Flex Seal Utility Sealant – a permanent method of sealing the riser rings/lid surround and joint sections inside a manhole with a state of the art urethane that achieves 800% elongation.
  • Aqua Seal – a highly reactive two component urethane grout that will stop a 190 litre per minute leak in 3-5 seconds.
  • Chimney Pach & repair – CPR is a fibre reinforced, fast setting, high early strength acid resistant hand mixed and hand applied product for filling voids and repairing brick and concrete manholes and catch basins and will allow flow release within 15-30 minutes after placement .