Case studies

HydraTite Internal Joint Seal for Water Supply

The Problem
A bulk water supply authority was faced with the challenge of repairing leaking joints at points in their network where open channels transition into pipes at river crossings. While the channels are concrete, the pipes are ductile iron and the expansion and contraction of dissimilar materials has been an ongoing source of leaks at the 2000mm diameter joints. The deteriorated condition of the concrete channel and headwall added to the complexity of the problem.

The Solution
The water authority engaged Interflow to develop a solution and ISC Services’ HydraTite® Internal Joint seal was selected for it’s strength, flexibility and strong history in the US for sealing large diameter pipes.

After reprofiling the deteriorated channel and headwall, a Double Wide 2200mm diameter EPDM rubber seal was used with two stainless steel retaining bands sized for the 2200mm ductile iron pipes and 2 stainless steel retaining bands sized for the 2300mm diameter of the reprofiled headwall side with the flexibility of the EPDM rubber seal allowing a good seal against the two different diameter sections.

Completed Job, Photo Courtesy of Interflow

Leaking joints

2200mm diameter HydraTite Internal Joint Seal installed