B-Tech Connections™


B-Tech Connections™ are an innovative Pullable Mechanical Connection for HDPE, which has already been recently awarded both the ASTT 2022 No-Dig Down Under New Technology Award and the NASTT 2022 Abbott Innovative Product & Services Award.

B-Tech Connections™ have been specifically designed for trenchless technologies, providing a quick, simple, high strength pipe-to-pipe mechanical connection. B-Tech Connections™ can be used for all pull-in applications including pipe bursting and/or splitting, culvert replacement and micro tunnelling where HDPE is utilised.

It can also be used in industries including telecom, electrical, de-water, by-passing, dredging, mining and even Petro-chemical

B-Tech Connections™ can be pre-fused to any length of pipe and are available in threaded or push together connections that are made of 100 % HDPE, allowing them to be the exact specifications and material as the pipe.

The innovative design of the B-Tech Connections™ allows the rapid make up of threaded connections with two-to-three rotations, which results in quicker connections in the field. Such connections have been lab tested to hold up to 35,500lbs (16,100 kg) of pulling force. Likewise, water pressure testing of SDR9 at 12-inches achieved 375psi internal water pressure

For pipes with larger diameter and lengths, the combination of threaded and push together fittings (all-in-one) allows for a 360° rotating connection for increased ease of connections of larger and longer pipes with no need to rotate the entire spool of large and long pipes simply turn the connection.

Pull testing B-Tech Connections™