Chimney Patch & Repair

A fibre reinforced, fast setting, high early strength product for filling voids and repairing concrete or brick structures.

Gator Wrap from SSI

Gator Wrap

An EPDM rubber wrap with Butyl mastic adhesive (500% elongation) that easily wraps around the outside of any precast concrete sewer manhole joint, pump station joint, pipe joints, culverts and catch basins to provide a water tight seal & root barrier each joint.

Aqua Seal

A highly reactive two component urethane grout that will stop a 50gpm (190 litre per minute) leak in 3-5 seconds.

Manhold Insert from SSI

Manhole Inserts

A strong & durable HDPE insert that sits below the MH lid and stops inflow through the lid.

Flex Seal Utility Sealant

Conforming to any shape, Flex Seal is a permanent method of sealing the riser rings/lid surround and joint sections inside a manhole or catch basin with a state of the art urethane that achieves 800% elongation.

Cretex Pro-Ring™

A tough and durable alternative to traditional construction methods, the Cretex Pro-Ring™ Manhole Grade Adjustment System exceeds AASHTO M306 HS-25 load testing.

Uni Band from SSI

Infi-Shield UniBand

A one piece molded high quality seal with non hardening butyl mastic to provide a flexible water tight seal around the top sections and riser rings of sewer manholes.