Case studies

Metz 33EN Sprayable Epoxy Novolac sulphide corrosion protection

Hunter Water Corporation’s Bonnell’s Bay MH G77 was experiencing severe corrosion of the concrete structure due to hydrogen sulphide.

Metz 33EN-Sprayable Epoxy Novolac was selected to provide protection of the concrete due to its outstanding acid resistance.

Metz 33EN-Sprayable is a 100% solids sprayable,  solventless, modified epoxy novolac which can also be used as a trowellable coating for vertical and overhead surfaces and is applied in thicknesses up to 4mm per coat.

Surface preparation included high pressure water blasting of the surfaces to remove all loose and corroded material before repairing severely damaged benches with Metz 10EN Epoxy Novolac Concrete.

Once the damaged concrete had been restored, the Metz 33EN-Sprayable was applied (using spincasting) to the entire shaft before roller finishing to acheive a smooth surface.

Metz 33EN -Sprayable Epoxy Novolac has extended the service life of MH G77 for many years to come.

Bonnells Bay MH G77 was suffering severe hydrogen sulphide corrosion

Severely damaged benches were rebuilt with Metz 10EN Epoxy Novolac Concrete and returned to a smooth sloping surface with Metz 33EN-VG

Metz 33EN Sprayable Epoxy Novolac was spincast to coat the entire surface of the MH with minimal rebound

Roller finishing for a smooth surface

Job complete and protected from hydrogen sulphide corrosion.