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Cretex Pro-Ring™ Manhole Grade Adjustment Ring System

Project: MidCoast Council, Pro-Ring™ Installation in heavy traffic area, July 2022 Location: Whitbread St, located in road adjacent to Browns Creek Bridge, Taree NSW The Problem, Failing MH and pavement The Solution, Pro-Ring™ Grade adjustment rings Background This MH is located in the western side (North bound) lane in an industrial estate and is regularly […]

Benefits of utilising inflow and infiltration control solutions

How can you benefit utilising ISC Services inflow and infiltration control solutions ? 1. Save Money with Reduced Operating Costs 2. Regain Network Capacity & delay capital upgrades 3. Reduce Sewer overflows and associated impacts 4. Improve Safety Inflow and infiltration (I&I) of rainwater and groundwater into sewerage networks costs water authorities and rate payers […]

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