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ISC Services is the Australian Distributor for Sealing Systems Inc (Est. 1995), the leading producer of speciality products specifically designed to prevent inflow and infiltration and erosion in manholes, catch basins and pipe joints on both new constructions and rehabilitation of existing structures.

ISO 9001 Quality Certified System
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Understanding & Identifying Inflow and Infiltration

Inflow and Infiltration (also referred to as I/I or I&I) is a major problem facing water authorities and the community across Australia with millions of dollars wasted treating unwanted water each year. In addition, in-ground assets degrade faster, capacity of the system is lost to water and soil ingress and pump station and treatment plant […]

What is inflow and Infiltration Costing You?

“Sewage overflows exert physical, chemical and biological effects on the receiving environment. This may result in human health, environmental and aesthetic impacts, which can be both acute and cumulative.“ – National Water Quality Management Strategy, Guidelines for Sewerage Systems Sewerage System Overflows November 2004. Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council While the direct cost of treating […]

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