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Benefits of utilising inflow and infiltration control solutions

How can you benefit utilising ISC Services inflow and infiltration control solutions ? 1. Save Money with Reduced Operating Costs 2. Regain Network Capacity & delay capital upgrades 3. Reduce Sewer overflows and associated impacts 4. Improve Safety Inflow and infiltration (I&I) of rainwater and groundwater into sewerage networks costs water authorities and rate payers […]

Cretex Pro-Ring™ meets new WSA-PS 345 “Polymeric Make-Up Rings for Sewerage Maintenance Holes”

  ISC Services are excited to announce that following independent laboratory testing in Australia that was finalised in late October 2019, the results are in and Cretex Pro-Ring™ meets the performance requirements for the new WSA-PS 345 “Polymeric Make-Up Rings for Sewerage Maintenance Holes” and loading to Class D (AS3996:2019). Pro-Ring™ is proving to be […]

Asset Management & the Value of Investing in Quality

Asset management applies to the entire life cycle of an asset, from initial conception through to the assets end of life. It is important to understand the value of upfront investment in quality design, technologies and materials to ensure that the long term objectives of the asset investment are met. While it is understood that […]

Understanding & Identifying Inflow and Infiltration

Inflow and Infiltration (also referred to as I/I or I&I) is a major problem facing water authorities and the community across Australia with millions of dollars wasted treating unwanted water each year. In addition, in-ground assets degrade faster, capacity of the system is lost to water and soil ingress and pump station and treatment plant […]